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The Brooker Bros. Forging Company has over sixty years of proven service as an open die forging supplier. We have serviced nearly every major industry including automotive, power generation, steel, material handling, aerospace, mining, oil and more. 

We are a small family owned forging house that takes a personal pride in supplying forgings to our customers on time and at the best price available. We take it personal. The Brooker family puts their family reputation on every forging that leaves our shop.

We have to have it right - The First Time - Every Time!

See what one of our customers have to say about Brooker Bros. Forging Company… 

We have been using Brooker Bros. Forging for over thirty years. They are hands down the best forge shop around. I cannot remember the last time that we have had to return a forging to them. The forgings are always right, the cost can’t be beat, and the delivery is exceptional! We consider Brooker Bros. Forging our best kept secret in supplying the least expensive parts to our customers.

We have literally seen Brooker Bros. Forging’s prices at half of their competition without any compromise in their quality.

They aren’t the only forging house that we use, but they are always the ONLY forging house that we recommend to other companies inquiring about forgings. We are happy to put our name behind them. We have asked Brooker Bros. not to include our name simply because we do not want our competition to know where we buy our forgings.

Carbon & Alloy Steel Forgings Up To 50" Diameter.

Brooker Bros. Forging Company offers a wide range of alloy and carbon steel forgings. We do not try to be all things to all people, but we do promise to be the best forging house for carbon & alloy open die forgings that there is.

If you need forgings, Brooker Bros. Forging is the shop to use. Click here for a quote.

Forgings Since 1946

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